Ponder Estate

Address: New Renwick Rd., Blenheim

Region: Marlborough

Size: Medium

CQI: 3.925 out of 5

Exported: Yes - - To the US: unknown

Ponder Estate is/was a combination vineyard, olive grove and art gallery. A visit to the winery included sampling a variety of olive oils, the wine, and a tour of founder Mike Ponder's artwork. The bottle labels also featured his art (see above). In 2002, the winery was sold to the Australian conglomerate Beringer Blass and will be associated with one of their other NZ holdings, Matua Valley. The wines had a growing reputation particularly for its Pinot Noir. Time will tell what directiion it goes with the new owners.


  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Riesling

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